WreckFest20 Wrap-Up

WreckFest20 Online Bowfishing Tournament Winners Announced! 

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Fin-Finder’s WreckFest online bowfishing tournament went off without a hitch and provided participants a chance to get outside and “Get Wreckin’”! This year’s event was the 5th annual WreckFest bowfishing tournament that Fin-Finder has hosted.

WreckFest20 ran a total of 19 days from June 17th to July 5th, 2020. This year’s WreckFest20 hosted both returning bowfishing contestants as well as a number of first-time WreckFest participants from all across the United States.

The competition was fierce throughout the contest to determine who was going to wreck the biggest fish for each of the top 5 categories. Below are the category winners and their winning fish.

WreckFest20 Category Winners:

Catfish: Andrew Gibbons – 28.75” Catfish

Common Carp: Joseph Baer – 40.25” Common Carp

Grass Carp: Stephen Banaszak – 38” Grass Carp

Needle Nose Gar: Dwayne Durr – 57” Gar

Stingray: Marc Slomske – 44” Stingray

The top 5 fish category winners each received a $50 Fin-Finder online store credit. Dwayne Durr was also announced as the WreckFest20 grand prize winner and won an additional $200 online store credit for his winning 57” gar.

Fin-Finder also gave away prizes for additional bonus categories which were new to this year’s WreckFest20. Those categories included Best Wreck, Wrecking Crew, Wrecking Spot, and Wrecking Rig. Winners of those categories won Fin-Finder prizes which included a Bankrunner recurve bowfishing bow, SideWinder drum reels, Fin-Finder bowfishing accessory bundle, and Fin-Finder Splashlight.

At the conclusion of WreckFest20 – Fin-Finder said they plan on hosting the 6th annual WreckFest21 in 2021.

For more information on Fin-Finder products, WreckFest21, or future bowfishing contests and events – visit the Fin-Finder website at https://www.fin-finder.com/.

About Fin-Finder:

Fin-Finder bowfishing was born on the Susquehanna. Their comprehensive line of bowfishing equipment is specifically designed to handle the rugged nature of wrecking fish — trial-tested in streams & bays, from the bank to the boat.


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