Patented Fin-Finder Technology

Our dedication to creating bowfishing products that exceed expectations runs deep. And our filings with the United States Patent & Trademark Office are a testament to that. Take on the waters with confidence knowing that you’re carrying Fin-Finder brand products in your pack.


Poseidon™ Compound Bow

(A) Parallel Limb Technology – Advanced split-limb system offers increased shootability & performance

(B) Stainless Steel Hardware – Corrosion-resistant, 100% Stainless Steel hardware is important when you’re knee deep

(C) Fin-Finder Camo – One-of-a-kind camo pattern so that you look as good as you bowfish

(D) Ergo No-Slip Grip – Tacky grip promotes consistent shooting. Specifically formulated to stay in your grimy, wet hands

(E) Premium Cable Slide – Designed to reduce wear on cables — critical for that all-day wreck-a-thon

(F) Wave Riser Design – Reduces vibration, oscillation and shooter fatigue during high-volume bowfishing escapades

(G) Mounting Locations – 4 points of adjustment to accommodate more retrieval systems and sights than any other bowfishing bow in the industry

(H) Pre-stretched Strings & Cables – Poseidon comes equipped with premium seaworthy strings & cables that provide optimal speed & longevity

(I) Poseidon Cam – Constructed specifically for bowfishing with deep grooves & a continuous module to accommodate any draw length/shooting style


Current™ Arrow Rest

(A) Quick-snap Arrow Containment – Confidently contain your arrow for quick-shot opportunities

(B) Anti-friction Channel – Promotes minimal arrow friction for more accurate snap shots

(C) Interchangeable Color Inserts – Match the rest to your personal style rig

(D) Machined Aluminum Mounting Bracket – Made to last and ready to get wet

(E) Stainless Steel Fasteners – Corrosion-resistant, 100% Stainless Steel hardware is important when you’re knee deep


Hydro-Glide Pro™ Bowfishing Arrow Rest

(A) Full containment

(B) Toolless, micro-drive system

(C) Delrin channel for increased arrow flight & shootability

(D) Heavy-duty T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum construction