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The RefractR BLS™ Delivers Superior Accuracy

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Bowfishing Bows

Bankrunner Recurve

SideWinder Reel Package

Ready-to-shoot BankRunner SideWinder Reel Package, equipped with reel and accessories.

  • BankRunner Recurve
  • SideWinder™ Bowfishing Reel
  • Current™ Bowfishing Arrow Rest
  • Hydro-Shot Finger Savers
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Sand Shark Recurve

Spin Doctor Reel Package (LH)

Looking for a left-handed wrecking option? Increase your fish-retrieving success rate with this package featuring the Spin Doctor Bowfishing Reel.

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BankRunner Recurve Bow

Wreck in Style – Color Options

This take-down design was uniquely engineered with a mean magnesium riser and multiple reel mounting locations. All bushings are built and installed to withstand the down and dirty abuse you’ve come to love.

  • 58″ three piece take-down design
  • Durable magnesium riser construction
  • Heavy-duty sight/reel, reel seat and rest bushings are threaded and machined into the riser
  • Easy-fit grip
  • 20# 0r 35# Draw Weight
  • RH Only
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Sand Shark Recurve

Winch Pro Reel Package

Increase your fish-retrieving success rate with this package featuring the Winch Pro Bowfishing Reel..

  • Sand Shark Recurve
  • Current™ Bowfishing Arrow Rest
  • Hydro-Shot Finger Savers
  • Bowfishing String Silencers
  • Winch Pro™ Bowfishing Reel
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Bowfishing Accessories


Bowfishing Reel

  • One-of-a-kind retrieval system
  • Corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel & nylon construction
  • Adjustable, ambidextrous design
  • Mounts to any 5/16-24″ bushing
  • High-contrast orange line included
  • Universal RH/LH
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Refractr BLS™

Bowfishing Laser Sight

  • Sight & stabilizer mounts included
  • Waterproof 5mW green laser with
    pressure switch activation
  • Aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • CR123A 3V battery included
  • Patented technology (#8,464,700)
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Bowfishing Light System

  • Powerful 600 lumens
  • Includes light, rechargeable battery and charger
  • AC and DC adapters
  • Remote pressure switch
  • Threaded bow adapter cap and end cap switch
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Winch Pro™

Bowfishing Reel

  • 4:1 gear ratio for fast retrieval
  • Built-in arrow quiver — universal fit
  • 100% aluminum adjustable mounting bracket
  • Anti-reverse bearings
  • 25 yards of 250# braided line
  • RH only
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Bowfishing Arrow Rest

  • 33% glass-filled nylon
  • 6061 machined aluminum mounting bracket
  • Stainless Steel fasteners
  • Interchangeable color inserts included
  • RH/LH
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Other accessories