Recommended Wrecking Level Chart

Use this chart to choose the best arrow & point pairing based on your projected harvest for optimal fish-wrecking fun!






We use Level 1 products for targeting smaller fish, mostly in shallow water. Great for getting the hang of bowfishing or when you don’t want to make too big of an entry/exit.

Level 1: Typhoon Point







Level 2 products excel in landing medium-sized fish on creeks and rivers, such as small-to-medium-sized carp, catfish and gar.

Level 2: Riptide Point, Riptide Pro Point







Perfect for medium-to-large species of fish, Level 3 products offer great results from bank to boat.

Level 3: Big Head Point, Big Head Pro Point







Offering ultimate wrecking and landing power, Level 4 points are designed for staying put and hauling in the big ones. This versatile bowfishing point works for any body of water, depth, and target species.

Level 4: Big Head Xtreme Point, The Kraken Point, The Kraken 3 Barb Point