How to Choose the Right Bowfishing Point

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After you’ve honed in your aim, the next most important aspect attributing to your success in bowfishing is the equipment you choose to take out with you on the water. 

Having quality and reliable equipment is a necessity because the rigors of bowfishing will certainly test its resolve. 

Aside from quality, it is also important to select the right tool for the job.  This means having the right bow, arrow, and point combination for the fish species and conditions in which you will be bowfishing.

We’ve simplified the bowfishing point selection process with the wrecking level chart on our website, but below is a short guide that will help get you to choose the best bowfishing point for you.

Bowfishing Point Selection Guide

Level 1 Bowfishing Point, Bowfishing Point

Level 1

A level 1 bowfishing point, like our Typhoon Point, features a pointed tip and a barb assembly behind it. 

The barbs of a bowfishing point serve to keep the fish on the arrow while you land it in the boat or on the shore.  Level 1 points are good economical options for beginners who are just getting started with bowfishing.  They are effective for smaller fish species. 

These points are best used while bowfishing shallow waters and soft bottom conditions.  Most entry-level points of this type will require the tip to be removed from the point to remove the arrow from the fish.

Fin-Finder Level 2 Bowfishing Point, Bowfishing Point

Level 2

Level 2 points are designed for larger fish species.  The points we consider to be level two bowfishing points at Fin-Finder, such as our Riptide or Riptide Pro Point, are made of stainless steel construction and are better suited for tougher bowfishing conditions. 

Rocky creeks and river bottoms will quickly eat up an entry-level point, so points made of tougher materials and a more robust platform are needed for bowfishing in these types of waters. 

The reversible barbs on these level two points can be flipped by loosening the tip of the point rather than taking off the entire tip and barb from the arrow.  This saves a lot of time and is better suited for fast-paced bowfishing and tougher environments.

Fin-Finder Level 3 Bowfishing Point, Bowfishing Point

Level 3

Level 3 points, such as our Big Head or Big Head Pro, deliver great performance when going after medium-to-large species of fish.  These higher-end bowfishing points are ideal for rocky bottoms given the robust platform.

The chisel tip design adds strength and assists with durability. Fin-Finder Level 3 points also feature reversible barbs.

Fin-Finder Level 4 Bowfishing Point, Bowfishing Point

Level 4

Level 4 bowfishing points are designed to tackle even the toughest fish in the toughest conditions. 

Level 4 points are designed to provide maximum penetration on the largest fish species, including rays.  They are also designed to provide higher performance in terms of holding power combined with the durability of level 3 points. 

For example, our Big Head Xtreme point features four barbs that help to hold the fish on the arrow while you crank it in.  Likewise, the Kraken point is designed to hold even the largest and toughest fish with a 2.75” mechanical barbs. 

These mechanical barbs deploy on impact, minimizing arrow drag and increasing penetration.  The most extreme bowfishing conditions will require the use of level 4 points.

It’s also important to note that these points are really good in assisting soft-bodied fish, not necessarily just by power, but by surface area to reduce pull-outs.

Bowfishing Point Selection Recap

Start the process of selecting the right bowfishing point by giving some consideration to the fish species you will be most likely targeting and the bowfishing conditions you expect to encounter. 

Nothing is worse or more frustrating than being out on the water for a day of wrecking and finding out too late that you are unprepared with the wrong equipment. 

If you’re accompanying a friend for the first time in a new area, it’s a good idea to ask what you can expect the bowfishing conditions to be. 

There is no substitute for experience, so take their advice and be prepared with the proper equipment. 

We hope this guide will help you choose the right bowfishing point for your bowfishing setup.

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