WreckFest20 Online Bowfishing Tournament

Coronavirus may have hit during bowfishing season, but we aren’t giving up that easy! 

Fin-Finder invites all bowfishing enthusiasts to enter the 5th annual Fin-Finder WreckFest20 Online Bowfishing Tournament! Fish your waters, on your time — from the bank or the boat for a chance to win big!

WreckFest20 has ended! Our team will collaborate to determine all winners and announce on Facebook later this week! 

The winner of the largest fish taken in each of the 5 categories will receive $50 Fin-Finder online store credit and be entered to win an additional $200 online store credit! The more photos you enter, the more chances you have to win! 

Bonus Categories for 2020:

  • BEST WRECK – We’d like to capture this year’s most wreck-worthy moments. Submit photos of your bowfishing exploits during WreckFest 2020 for a chance to win a Splashlight! Tag photos with #BestWreck20.
  • WRECKING CREW – We want to see you having fun with your crew for your chance to win a NEW SideWinder Reel for you and friend! Tag these photos with #WreckingCrew20.
  • WRECKING RIG – Show us what you’re wreckin’ with for your chance to win a Bankrunner Recurve Bow! Tag these photos with #WreckingRig20.
  • WRECKING SPOT – Whether you’re on the bank or the boat, show off your bowfishing spot for your chance to win a bowfishing bundle (Flopstopper, 24″ Gaff and Hydro-Guard Arrow Tube)! Tag these photos with #WreckingSpot20

Registered Wreckers* can enter the tournament by posting photos of their WHOLE fish — with the measuring tape — on Fin-Finder’s Facebook page. Entry posts should be tagged #WreckFest20 with the species and measured size noted in the post.

Get wreckin’!

*No entries will be accepted from unregistered posters.


  • Winner of each category will be selected based on largest overall size as documented in a photo clearly showing the WHOLE FISH and measuring tape’s inch marks.
  • Make sure your post text includes the category you’re entering (e.g. “Catfish”), the size (“21.75 inches”), and hashtag it #WreckFest20
  • Please place measuring tape from point-to-point as shown in illustrations.*
    *If photo does not show clear measurements, it may be disqualified. 




You may enter as many times as you like. Winners will be determined by Team Fin-Finder. Photos must be posted to Fin-Finder’s Facebook (www.facebook.com/FinFinderBowfishing) page and must be hashtagged #WreckFest20. Bonus category photos should include #BestWreck20, #WreckingCrew20, #WreckingRig20, or #WreckingSpot20. By entering the contest, you agree to allow Fin-Finder to use your photo(s) for promotional purposes. Contest ends July 5, 2020.



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