10 Simple Steps to Tie a Bowfishing Arrow Slide Knot

How to Tie a Bowfishing Arrow Slide Knot

Tying a bowfishing arrow slide knot can be tricky — whether it’s your first time doing it or your hundredth time.

Regardless of your skill level, we’ll give you easy step-by-step instructions on how to safely and securely tie a bowfishing arrow slide knot.

Once you learn this simple 10 step process – you’ll be a bowfishing arrow knot pro in no time!

Let’s dive in.

Step 1:

Take the end of the bowfishing line that’s attached to your bowfishing reel and feed it through one side of the bowfishing arrow slide.

Step 2:

Push the line back through the opposite side of the bowfishing arrow slide.

Step 3:

Pull approximately 10-12 inches of bowfishing line through the slide.

Step 4:

Take 2 fingers and place them approximately 3-4 inches from the arrow slide. From there, wrap both lines around your 2 fingers to create a 2 string loop.

Step 5:

Take that pinched loop and spin it counterclockwise 180 degrees – one time. This step is super important as you are creating the twist in the loop/bowfishing line that’ll become the knot in the next couple of steps.

Step 6:

Take that twisted loop and slide it down over the bowfishing point and down along the whole arrow shaft, over the slide, slide stop, and arrow nock.

Step 7:

Once you’ve slid that twisted loop off the back side of the nock – you’ll see the loose knot you’ve created. Go ahead and pull that loose knot tight.

Step 8:

Give each string an extra tug or two to make sure that the knot is super tight. Now you should have a knot that’s approximately 3-4 inches off of your slide. That spacing allows the slide to move freely up and down the bowfishing arrow when it’s shot.

Step 9:

Cut any remaining loose line that is hanging off of the slide knot you just tied.

Step 10:

Hit the water and wreck some fish!

How to Tie a Bowfishing Arrow Slide Knot

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