Top 3 Benefits of the Kraken 3 Barb Bowfishing Point

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Dependable. Tough. Effective. Those who bowfish don’t ask much of their equipment, but they absolutely have to have those three traits in the gear they use when they hit the water.

Bowfishing is a pursuit that spans all times of day or night with options of shooting from a boat or on the bank.

This isn’t your lazy summer afternoon relaxing with a line in the water. Pursuing native and invasive species of larger fish with a stick and string is a whole new endeavor in itself.

Those who are willing to battle the summer heat through the high grass of creek banks, or those who stay up through the night chasing ghosts in the rivers by boat know what they need of their gear to get it done.

The Kraken 3 barb point checks the boxes for those who when they take their bowfishing rig out, need certainty.

Those who know it’s the best tool for the job. Looking at the three main criteria, you’ll be certain it’s the best as well.

Why The Kraken 3 Barb is the Best Bowfishing Point

1. Dependable

Designed for those who bowfish, by those who bowfish.

The problems that can arise from inferior points were addressed and fixed.

Starting with stainless steel construction followed by the blue O-ring system.

This system will prevent your tip from loosening resulting in a lost tip, or worse, lost fish.

When you know common problems aren’t a concern anymore — you can enjoy yourself and fish with confidence.

2. Tough

Shooting an arrow into any body of water is never good for the life of the arrow.

Even when you connect with the perfect shot you can still hit rocks and logs submerged in the water.

Lesser quality points will dent and degrade causing poor flight and shot quality.

The Kraken 3 barb was designed and built with durability in mind for whatever is beneath the surface.

3. Effective

Nothing matters more than after you’ve connected your shot on a fish.

Carp, ray, snakeheads, or alligator gar, if you’re point doesn’t penetrate and secure the fish to the line there isn’t much point in going out.

The Kraken 3 brings extra muscle to the table for this very purpose.

Kraken 3 Barb

When you hit your fish, three barbs will deploy instead of the two that most other points have.

In addition to the extra barb, the Kraken sports 3.75” in total holding power on the barbs to properly secure your fish.

If almost 4” of holding power isn’t enough for you, the mechanical design of the barbs keeps them lying flat during flight to reduce air drag and improve accuracy.

All of that means the product engineer at Fin-Finder has made it easy — you hit the fish and the Kraken 3 barb will take care of the rest.


Time to Get Wreckin’

When the action gets going on a bowfishing trip, few things are as fun for the time spent on the water.

Opportunity abounds with plenty of water and warm weather to enjoy.

If you go out every day of the season, or just once, don’t cheat yourself with an inferior piece of equipment.

The Kraken 3 barb point will give you the best result for your money and you’ll know you’re getting a point that’s dependable, tough, and effective.

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